About Us

Our brand: HawLander

Manufacturer: Xiamen Cuicheng Trade Co,.Ltd.
Address: No.30 Floor,Guanri Road of Software, Park Xiamen, Fujian 361000

The Beginning:

Every idea starts with a problem. We believe experiences are everything. Ours was simple:
At the rain time, my school bag will get wet and the school supplies will get wet. That’s a bad thing. A backpack needs an individual rain cover. Especially when it’s raining suddenly, but you don’t have a bag rain cover. How do I do? Only let it wet. So many students had similar experiences, and we were amazed at how hard it was to find a waterproof backpack. Where were the options? Search for new material: Waterproof Nylon Material.
To do this, we developed this waterproof backpack in the second half of 2014 and the student experiences are very good. We got more and more attention and we have our familiar brand HawLander.

Our Product

Not so long ago, students from the Eastern United States just carried Hawlander backpacks in their hands. No longer afraid of the rainy season. No worries about the sudden rain.
Students like it because it is lightweight and waterproof. We began to get more and more attention.
Since then, we’ve designed more colors for customers to choose from. We’re committed to making durable, functional, versatile products you can count on, whether you’re headed into a long day, out with your friends, or traveling abroad. It’s what we’ve been doing since we were founded.

HawLander is with you for Life.

All of our backpacks & bags come with a one-year warranty. Because good stuff should last. If one of our backpacks & bags breaks, we’ll replace it or fix it. No questions asked.

Our Values

Our Mission: To make simple and fashionable, well-made, inclusively cool products while using creative and critical thinking to improve the quality of life.

The Journey Continues

Making your daily life convenient is still what drives everything we do. We’ll continue to innovate and engineer new, functional backpacks & bags, as long as you keep exploring.