About the Nylon Material

     What are the nylon fabrics? What are the characteristics of nylon fabrics? What are the functions of nylon fabrics? What are the uses of nylon fabrics?

     Nylon fabric,English name Polyamide (PA), polyamide commonly known as nylon (Nylon). Dyeing in synthetic fiber is more better, more wearing light, and good waterproof and windproof performance.Its characteristics, such as high wear resistance, strength and elasticity are very good. It is also not light resistant and easy to age.


How to washing it ?

1.  choose general synthetic detergent, water temperature should not exceed 45 degrees.
2.  light wring, avoid drying and drying.
3.  Low temperature steam ironing.
4.  Natural drying after washing.

How to maintain the nylon fabric ?

1 ironing temperature should not exceed 110 degrees.
2.  ironing must be steam, not hot iron